I’m Joel M. Traylor, writer, producer, video editor and huge nerd. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I could hold a pen, and I work hard at it.  I focus on fiction these days, but I also dabble in screenwriting. I have done some stand-up over the years and studied sketch comedy writing at the Second City.  Bills must be paid, but the writing always calls.

I spend my work days as a television producer (and sometimes editor).  I’ve contributed time and tears to “Young Guns” (go90), “A Little Too Farr” (go90), “Long Lost Family” (TLC), “Arranged” (FYI), “Los Cowboys” (Hulu), “Airplane Repo” (Discovery), “My Dysfunctional Family” (CMT), “Supernanny” (ABC), “World’s Strictest Parents” (CMT), “Trading Spouses” (FOX) and many others.  I feel pretty lucky to get to tell stories for a living, travel around, and work with creative people.  It’s not a bad life.

I have more interests than I have time for.  I dig movies, TV, video games, board games, comic books and books without pictures.

I was born in Seattle, WA, attended Garfield and Lake Washington high schools and eventually earned my English (Creative Writing) degree from the University of Washington.

Visit me:

Twitter @joelnerd

My brother Jeff, me and sister Jamie at Benham Falls, OR.
My brother Jeff, me and sister Jamie at Benham Falls near Bend, OR.