I hope you will consider me for co-executive producer, editor and producer/editor (preditor) positions.

  • 10+ years producing docu-series television. 5+ years hands-on Avid Media Composer.
  • Proven track record leading and facilitating teams in post-production and the field.
  • Known for fluid and effective collaboration with executives and networks.
  • Excellent writing, editing, planning, implementation and organizational skills.
  • Avid User Certified on Avid Media Composer.
  • Completed Avid Media Composer Editing Essentials & Effects Essentials at Moviola.

As a television producer with over 10 years experience, I’m well-balanced between post production and the field. In post, I collaborate well with editors and producers, facilitate content and notes with networks and executives, write extensive voice-over and pick-ups, and enjoy editing on Avid Media Composer. In the field, I conduct rigorous interviews, direct camera with an eye for story, coordinate cast and crew, and keep the production moving.

I am also Avid User Certified on Avid Media Composer, having completed Moviola’s Avid Media Composer Editing Essentials and Effects Essentials courses. Please check out my reel.

I consider myself an idea person and take pride in being creative and innovative. I write fiction on the side, and I have dabbled in screenwriting and game development over the years. I am nothing if not responsible and organized, and I never let anything slip through the cracks. You’ll find me to be a nice guy who works hard and delivers quality.

Thank you!

avid-cert-logo-mc-userPDF Credits

(310) 593-1447


Supervising Producer: “Young Guns” (Rogue Atlas/Verizon go90); 07-17 – 10/17
I helped plan and oversee the season 2 shoot of this exciting and hilarious series.  I worked with the showrunner, producers, cast and crew to execute over-the-top activities, storylines and shenanigans.

 Story Producer: Untitled Custer Project (Warm Springs/History); 04-17 – 06/17
In post production, I built stringouts, wrote scripts and collaborated with editors and producers.

Co-Executive Producer: “A Little Too Farr” (STX/Verizon Hearst); 10/16 – 03/17
I’m proud to be a part of the impressive team that brought this new and hilarious docu-series to life.  Overseeing creative in post production, I collaborated with editors, producers and executives to craft comedy, build episodes, address network notes and keep the project moving.

Co-Executive Producer: “Long Lost Family” (Shed Media US/TLC); 08/16 – 10/1
Managing creative in post production, I worked with editors and producers to deliver cuts and address network notes.  I also wrote extensive voice-over.

Supervising Story Producer: “Arranged” (Moxie Pictures/FYI); 03/16 – 06/16
I primarily collaborated with producers and editors to create our season-end clip show.  This involved assembling Avid stringouts (rough scenes), refining content with the editor, addressing notes, and elevating the comedy as much as possible.  I also contributed to other episodes.

Co-Executive Producer: “Pretty. Strong.” (Relativity/Oxygen); 04/15 – 09/15
I was fortunate to oversee a talented team of editors and producers in post production.  I worked closely with the showrunner, the network and company executives to craft this new series.  Each day flew by in a whirlwind of screenings, meetings, phone calls, planning, and story discussions as we endeavored to create a powerful experience for our audience.

Sr. Story Producer: “Arranged” (Moxie Pictures/FYI); 12/14 – 04/15
I addressed network notes and readied episode cuts for delivery, collaborated with editors and producers, wrote voice-over scripts and cut stringouts on Avid.

Sr. Story Producer/Associate Editor: “Los Cowboys” (Corral 360/Hulu); 10/14 – 12/14
I contributed as an Associate Editor by cutting scenes on Avid, but my main focus was putting together stringouts while working with producers and editors to craft scenes.

 Supervising Story Producer: “Airplane Repo” (Undertow/Discovery); 06/14 – 08/14
I wrote story scripts with extensive voice-over and pick-up lines, coordinated episode content with editors and executive producers, and edited stringouts on Avid.

Supervising Producer: “My Dysfunctional Family” & Pilot (Shed Media US/CMT); 07/13 – 09/13
On the pilot (02/14 – 05/14) and then the series, I managed story producers and editors, coordinated series content and notes with the network and executive producers, and wrote voice-over.


  • Producer: “Dog & Beth: On the Hunt” (Electus/CMT); 01/13 – 06/13
  • Producer: “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 7” (Triage/CMT); 05/12 – 10/12
  • Producer: “America’s Supernanny” (Shed Media US/Lifetime); 09/11 – 12/11
  • Producer: “Don’t Tell the Bride” (Shed Media US/OWN); 07/11 – 09/11
  • Producer: “Texas Multi Mamas” (Shed Media US/WE); 02/11 – 07/11
  • Producer: “Supernanny” (Shed Media US/ABC); 06/09 – 05/10, 08/10 – 11/10
  • Producer: “Cat Cora” pilot (Shed Media US/OWN); 07/10 – 08/10
  • Producer: “World’s Strictest Parents” (Shed Media US/CMT); 01/09 – 05/09
  • Story Producer: “Sunset Tan” (Intuitive/E!); 07/07 – 09/07, 03/08 – 05/08
  • Story Producer: “Top This Party” (Intuitive/Lifetime); 10/07 – 02/08
  • Story Editor & Dailies Editor: “Making the Band 4” (MTV); 02/07 – 05/07
  • Story Producer: “Trading Spouses” s3 (Rocket Science/FOX); 08/06 – 11/06
  • Story Editor: “Gears of War: The Race to E3” (Pluto Prod./MTV2); 05/06, 08/06
  • Field Director: “Split Ends” pilot (44 Blue/Style); 04/06 – 05/06
  • Producer/Story Assistant: “Trading Spouses” (Rocket Science/FOX); 06/04 – 03/06

Prior to producing television, I worked as a web developer and graphics designer.


Freelance Writer: 2008 – Present
– Wrote multiple feature specs and TV pilots.
– Wrote the novel, Hell Hunter.

Freelance Writer and Comedian: 1991 – 2003
– Wrote content for publications and greeting cards.
– Performed stand-up comedy.


Avid User Certified on Avid Media Composer
Avid Technologies, 2016

Avid Media Composer Editing Essentials
Avid Media Composer Effects Essentials
Moviola, 2016

B.A. in English (Creative Writing)
University of Washington, 1999

The Second City Comedy Writing Conservatory, 2003

Judy Carter’s Comedy Workshops (Stand-Up), 2003