Are you watching “Louie”?  The new FX show from Louis C.K. makes no apologies and seems to hold nothing back, and I can’t believe it’s on television.  It feels like popping a quarter into a pair of sightseeing binoculars and staring straight into the bleak soul of Louis C.K.  It’s honest and brutal and hilarious.  Hats off to FX for allowing Louie to be Louie. You can watch episodes on the FX site or on Hulu. This show is a gift to comedy.  Enjoy it while it lasts.


Big Week for Patton

Comedy fans probably already know that the legendary Patton Oswalt has a new CD out this week, “My Weakenss is Strong.”  I plan to pick it up tomorrow and cannot wait to listen to it.  (There’s also a DVD.)  Patton’s angry nerd rants absolutely kill me, and “Feelin’ Kinda Patton” might be my favorite stand-up album of all time.  Those that know Patton only for his time on “King of Queens” are missing something special.

And then there’s Big Fan…  Wow.  Check out the trailer here.  It’s from the dude that wrote The Wrestler, and it looks great.


Go, Patton!