Getting Settled

So…  Due to an scheduling overlap, I will now be off until “Supernanny” starts at the end of August.  I am sad to not be going back out with the gang on “World’s Strictest Parents,” and I will miss them.

I now have some downtime to get settled here in Santa Monica.  I type this from the dining table in my new apartment.  I’ve never lived alone until now, and I’m pretty excited about it.  I found the place earlier this week and moved in on Wednesday.  I have been running ragged since, buying and assembling furniture, trying to get things in order.  It’s been quite a week, and I woke up exhausted today.


Brought to you by Cost Plus.  Yes, it’s still a bit stark, but it’s getting there.  And it’s home.



I’m gearing up for more “World’s Strictest Parents” (CMT) after just wrapping up a quick stint on “Supernanny” (ABC).  I fully plan to enjoy my precious downtime as much as I can.  Maybe there will also be writing.  We’ll see what actually happens.




I’m finally back to work and on the road until sometime in April.  Since I doubt I’ll have time for much besides the show, expect only an occasional update — not that there were so many before.  So far, we’re having a good time digging into our episode, getting to know the players, scouting locations and all that.  Camera arrives in a few days, and then the real insanity begins.  Fingers crossed for a good run.  If you’re curious, “America’s Strictest Parents” is set to begin airing April 18th on CMT.  Casting info is available here.

See you on the other side…