Animation Validation

Having a little downtime has allowed me to catch up on movies and other distractions.  Since there are no girls around to scare away, I’ve been indulging my love of comic book-inspired animation.  I’m psyched by what I’ve discovered.

wonderwomanWonder Woman — I’ve never really identified with the iconic, unstoppable heroes DC has offered (except for Batman), and I’ve always related much better to Marvel’s scrappy underdogs and misanthropes.  However, I’m starting to come around.  While the straight-to-video animation isn’t exactly amazing, Wonder Woman works well in every other way.  Clean storytelling and punchy dialogue support a great origin tale that delves deeply into Greek mythology.  Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion revisit their honest and amusing Waitress chemistry to deliver some enjoyable voice work, as does the rest of the solid supporting cast.  All in all, it’s a really good film, animated or otherwise.  DC should be commended.  This one is worth owning.

Green Lantern: First Flight — Here we go again…  Yup, it’s DC.  And yup, it’s good.  Wonder Woman might be slightly better, but this is pretty close.  Again we have a solid story and great voice acting, especially from Victor Garber.  It’s well-done.  It’s fun.  Despite my love for Marvel, I can’t help but recommend it.  Damn you, DC.

The Invincible Iron Man — While it’s not quite up to par with what DC has been offering, I enjoyed it.  I’d recommend it along with Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme as one of Marvel’s best.  Check it out.