Disney Buys Marvel

I was all motivated to write tonight, but I just might drink tequila instead.  All day today I had this nagging sensation that something was horribly wrong.  I tried to write it off as personal jitters, as it was my first day back at work in awhile.  But I couldn’t shake it.  The feeling persisted.  And then I read that Disney bought Marvel for four billion dollars.

What does this mean?  My first reaction was fear and rage (as it is to most things).  Will Disney dull Marvel’s creative edge?  Will it squash the less family-friendly titles and characters?  What will happen to imprints like Icon, Marvel Knights and MAX?  Will The Punisher be put down?  Will Wolverine be de-clawed?  Will Bambi join the Avengers?

Or will Disney pump money into Marvel features?  Will uber-projects like The Avengers really get made?  Will Disney add Marvel rides to its theme parks?  Will generations of children that would have never known comic books actually discover them?

It’s possible that some some good with come of this.  Maybe.  I certainly hope so.


(Image borrowed from here.)