Did you ever see Coldblooded?  You know, Wallace Wolodarsky’s genius dark indie comedy starring Jason Priestley?  No?  You need to.

In Coldblooded, Priestley plays Cosmo, a sullen young man who lives in the basement of a retirement home taking numbers for the mob.  One day he is informed that he is going to be made a hit man, and he soon discovers that he has a natural talent for offing people.  A deft script meets subtle performances, a low-key score and a minimalist visual style to create a film that couldn’t be dryer and more pitch-perfect.  Fine supporting work from Kimberly Williams, Peter Riegert, Robert Loggia, Janeane Garofalo, Josh Charles and Michael J. Fox make it all the better.

It’s not available on DVD or Blu-Ray (hopefully someday), but I’d be happy to loan you my VHS copy.  Of course, then you would need a VCR.  What’s a VCR?  Exactly.  Fortunately, someone with no appreciation for copyright law has posted Coldblooded to YouTube in nine parts.  Watch it here.  Seriously, take the time.  It’s great.