“Deep” Gets Deeper

Lane and I discuss the potential fallout of my poem, “Deep”:

laneinlosa (12:07:03 PM): This is, really, really, really deep.
Don’t even try to understand it.
It’s simplicity only adds to its depth.
It is,far, far, far deeper than you are.

joelnerd (12:07:13 PM): Fuck yeah, it is.

laneinlosa (12:07:22 PM): BLEW MY MIND

laneinlosa (12:07:28 PM): pop

joelnerd (12:07:35 PM): Totally.

laneinlosa (12:08:25 PM): how did you comprehend the gravity of that, just to articulate it into words?

laneinlosa (12:08:27 PM): DANG!

joelnerd (12:08:53 PM): I don’t know.  I almost blew my own mind trying to get the words down.

joelnerd (12:09:06 PM): It’s fucking hardcore dangerous shit.

laneinlosa (12:15:58 PM): you live life on the edge BRO

laneinlosa (12:16:22 PM): you should be more careful

joelnerd (12:17:51 PM): I know, right?  I might accidentally kill someone with my poetry.  I should sell it to the military.

laneinlosa (12:18:04 PM): ha

laneinlosa (12:18:26 PM): “accidentally”  wink wink

joelnerd (12:18:41 PM): I can’t be held responsible.

laneinlosa (12:18:48 PM): mmm

joelnerd (12:18:53 PM): If people can’t handle it, it’s on them.

laneinlosa (12:18:54 PM): good alibi

joelnerd (12:18:58 PM): Thanks.

laneinlosa (12:19:25 PM): good thing i didn’t die… anchulee [his girlfriend] would have tried to sue you

joelnerd (12:19:48 PM): Good thing.

laneinlosa (12:19:55 PM): yeah for both of us

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