Waiting for the Guy

Our landlord said the guy would be here between 8 and 9 this morning. It’s 9:07, and he (assuming it’s a he) is still not here. Is he ever going to show up? Is he okay? Should I call someone? The coffee isn’t helping. I should probably drink less coffee. Definitely should drink less coffee.

Our apartment has stuff that needs fixing. The grout around our bathtub is disintegrating. In my mind this means the walls and tile will erode away, and the tub will eventually fall into the earth. Granted, water damage is more realistic, but I’d rather not deal with either scenario. In addition to the tub, the support mechanisms under a kitchen drawer broke a couple months ago. I fixed it by propping it up with a commemorative DVD tin of Repo Man. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say “fixed.”

Repo ManI could probably repair some of these things myself, but we rent. And I’m not good at repairing. Our landlord would rather send someone out than have me make things worse. I recently tried to unclog our bathroom drain with a stick-thing I ordered from Amazon. I’m pretty sure the stick-thing just shoved the blockage farther down the pipe and plugged the drain completely. This did not make our landlord happy.

So now I wait. I’m fine with idle time, but I’m trying to be less idle these days. I’m diving back into fiction, but it’s been a painful process so far. As we all know, a surefire way to manifest the guy would be to start trying to write something. So no fiction. This will likely derail all attempts at writing for the day because creativity can be a fickle and fragile thing.

I can’t do laundry because our laundry room elsewhere in our apartment building. What if the guy comes while I’m putting my clothes in the wash? And what could be worse than missing the guy?

I also can’t go anywhere because we have a dog. Her name is Sparkle. Sparkle HATES it when anyone comes to the door. She loses her fucking mind. UPS: “Hi, I’m a nice delivery person bringing you that cool thing you ordered from Amazon.” Sparkle: “Die, motherfucker! Die! Die! Die!” She’s all talk, though. As soon as anyone comes inside, she just wants to say hello and hang out with them.

9:17 AM

Multiple guys arrived. I explained the problem, and the guys are now working with gusto. A painter is also scheduled to come by tomorrow. Shit is happening!

I should probably work on my patience. I should probably also write.